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The 13th International IR Target and Background Modeling & Simulation Workshop will be organized on

11-14 June 2018

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This workshop is open to people from the defense research and development community active in the field of optical signature simulation technologies, to military users and to industry representatives.

Submission of research papers is encouraged.

Attendance will be limited to 110 participants. You are asked to return your registration as soon as possible.

General Workshop Objectives
Provide a European scientific forum for the IR modeling and simulation community to discuss current developments in their field of expertise
Foster an intensive exchange of ideas and results in IR modeling and simulation and help building up and maintain the information network in the community
Encourage cooperation between groups actively engaged in this field

Topical Session Objectives
Provide an opportunity for the software end-users to learn about the latest developments.
Offer the opportunity to demonstrate and discuss the latest features in software products



Contributions are solicited in subjects ranging from basic signature research to applications in system design, optimization and evaluation

  • Data, techniques, models, and validation of IR signatures of land, sea and air targets and backgrounds, and of targets in backgrounds
  • Extension to infrared polarization hyperspectral and active signatures
  • Optical properties of complex surfaces
  • Models validation and metrics
  • IR signature management models
  • Modeling and simulation of IR clutter (soil, maritime, atmospheric)
  • Radiative transfer, propagation models and optical data sets
  • Impact of climatic conditions on signatures
  • Active / Laser imaging systems

All sessions of the workshop will be unclassified