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ITBMS 2018 will include various sessions from Monday 11 to Wednesday 13 June 2018 corresponding to the topics defined on this page. Keynote addresses will be delivered before each session to set the underlying tone and summarize the core message. These speeches will be done by specialists from laboratories and international companies recognized for their expertise in the field.

A software training session from our sponsors (OKTAL-SE, THERMOANALYICS, DAVIS ENGINEERING) is also planned at the end of the event, on Thursday, 14 June 2018.

Due to the localization of the workshop, a special session will be devoted to optical signatures and related technologies in a maritime context.


KEYNOTES (click on the title for more information)


Matthew J. Berg, Department of Physics, Kansas State University, USA


Alain Le Goff, DGA Information superiority, France

SCATTERING THEORY: A short review of theoretical features for practical appl

Olivier Pujol, Laboratory of atmospheric optics (LOA), Lille University, France




Surface reconstruction through image post-processing for ground obstacle detection in the airfield

K. Theuma, N. Riviere, D. Zammit-Mangion, J. Gauci, K. Chircop


Fraunhofer diffraction of ice crystals: the Maggi-Rubinowicz integral and comparison with an exact formula for a random ice crystal population

O. Pujol, G. Brogniez


Tunneling optical resonance in light-droplet in atmospheric optics

R. Yaacoub, O. Pujol, P. Dubuisson


Impact of Infrared Suppression on EO-IR Soft-Kill

D. Vaitekunas, S. Ramaswamy


Active Hull Cooing System Performance Analysis

D. Vaitekunas, P. Alexsandrov


A Study on the Probabilistic Methodology for Infra-Red Signature Analysis of Naval ships

H. Park, S. Yoon, H. Keum, Y. Cho


Ballistic Missile Infrared Signature: Numerical and Experimental Study

V. Rialland, A. Nicole, A. Alomar Sitjes, A. Guy, S. Lefebvre, S. Rommeluere, S. Langlois, C. Lavigne, C. Brossard, N. Dorval, M. Orain, A. Ristori, L. Vingert, D. Gueyffier


DRI range modeling using NTCS/ShipIR

A. Brattli, A. van Rheenen


Evaluation of Spectral Land Surface Emissivity Simulated with the SAIL-Thermique Model

A. Olioso, F. Jacob, M. Weiss


Determining the Dependence of Reflectance and Emissivity of Materials on IR Signature in MWIR/LWIR Wavebands by Using IR Scene Generator Software

B. Nurver, A. Yıldırım, M. E. Çetiner, G. Yeşilyurt, E. Uzcengiz Şimşek, B. Elveren


Development of a meteorological data production service for MATISSE-v3.6

C. de Saint Aubin, L. Labarre, Y. Hurtaud


HESPERIDES: an optronic sensor performance prediction tool in marine environment

L. Gardenal, G. Tedeschi, F. Faijan, S. Fauqueux, F. Lapierre, V. Rialland



First experiment with French CUBI object: description, analysis of measurements and initial simulation

A. Le Goff, Y. Hurtaud, E. Floch, P. Corbihan, C. Jau



First experiment with French CUBI object: optimized simulation with support of ONERA, OKTAL SE and TAI

A. Le Goff, Y. Hurtaud, P. Corbihan


Simulation of an oil film at the sea surface and its radiometric properties in the SWIR

F. Schwenger, A. M.J. Van Eijk


Studying aerosol particles with a UAV: Concept and initial development

M. J. Berg, O. Kemppinen



Digital holography of aerosol particles

M. J. Berg


Development a supercontinuum LIDAR to measure aerosols optical properties on wide continuous spectral range

F. Gaudfrin, R. Ceolato, N. Riviere, O. Pujol, G. Huss


Imaging simulation of active EO-camera

J. Pérez, E. Repasi


Recent improvement of the "FAST" version of SE-Workbench-EO

J. Latger


Validation of SE-Workbench-EO in the visible spectral band

J. Latger


Fusion of visible RGB and physical IR synthetic images

J. Latger


SE-FLARE: A new SE-Workbench tool for flares modeling and rendering

J. Latger


Defense applications of maritime scene simulation with SE-Workbench-EO

A. Le Goff, J-M. Fèvre


Drone detection: Usage of a 3D synthetic environment for training deep learning algorithms

E. Unlu, E. Zenou, P-E. Dupouy, N. Riviere


Geiger mode telemetry: Toward end to end modelling for performance assessment

P-E. Dupouy, N. Riviere


BATH3D: Development of a high resolution 3D LiDAR model for bathymetric applications

B. Peycé, T. Dartigalongue, L. Hespel, J-S. Baillit, N. Riviere


Hyperspectral pBRDF measurements and models in the visible and infrared

R. Ceolato, C. Martin


3D LiDAR embedded on drones for wide area surveillance

N. Riviere, P-E. Dupouy, A. Moussous, C. Grand, A. Manecy



Scattering theory: A short review of theoretical features for practical applications

O. Pujol


The prediction and measurement of the optical properties of complex surfaces

J. Jaffola


Automating EOIR Signature Analysis using MuSES and CoTherm

C. Packard, T. Viola, M. Klein, F. Godillon