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Scientific Committee


BERG Matthew J.
Department of Physics, Kansas State University, USA

Matthew Berg is a tenured associate professor of physics in the Department of Physics at Kansas State University (KSU). Professor Berg received a Ph.D. in physics from KSU in 2008 and a B.Sc. in Engineering Physics from the Colorado School of Mines in 2003. Following graduate school, he held a National Research Council postdoctoral fellowship at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory from 2009-2010. In 2010 he joined the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Mississippi State University and then KSU in 2016.


Braesicke Katrin
Fraunhofer, Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation (IOSB), Germany

Braesicke Katrin is the group manager on "Scene Simulation" at the Fraunhofer IOSB.

ThermoAnalytics Inc., USA

ThermoAnalytics was founded by Keith Johnson along with Al Curran back in 1996 as a spin-off from Michigan Technological University. They had a singular mission then that remains at the core of the company’s driving principles today: to develop and deploy the most robust, intelligent and accurate thermal modeling technologies and methodologies in the world. Their vision was to become the leading total thermal solutions provider of software and services.

OKTAL-SE, France

Synthetic Environment (OKTAL-SE) was created in 2001 by its Chief Executive Officer Jean LATGER as an emanation of the OKTAL company created in 1989. Today, OKTAL-SE is part of the SOGECLAIR Group located in Toulouse-France. The company is a human-sized structure that ensures a high reactivity and a customer focused attitude.

PUJOL Olivier
Laboratory of atmospheric optics (LOA), Lille University, France

Olivier Pujol is a PhD researcher in Physics at the Lille University (laboratoire d'optique atmosphérique). His field of investigations covers a large domain, from the Physics of water vapor, clouds, and precipitation to wave scattering by complex media. After a PhD thesis at the University of Toulouse in 2006 on radar remote sensing of precipitating systems, he worked and collaborated four years with Thalès Airborne System enterprise where he developed six patented algorithms for radar airborne detection of hazardous precipitating system for civil aviation. He joined the University of Lille in 2007 where he is currently working on water vapor, cloud/aerosol interactions and light scattering by complex atmospheric particles and clouds. Olivier Pujol has also high-level teaching activities in Physics, in particular in the international Master 2 « Atmospheric Environment ». He has also supervised various Master degree internships and PhD thesis, and is co-author of several textbooks in Physics.

Fraunhofer, Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation (IOSB), Germany

Endre Repasi received its diploma in Electrical Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany in 1979. He is with the Fraunhofer IOSB in Ettlingen, Germany as senior scientists. He is working in the field of sensor modeling and imaging simulations for the performance assessment of active and passive EO-systems.

ONERA The French Aerospace Lab, Optronics Department, France

Nicolas Riviere is a senior research scientist at ONERA, The French Aerospace Lab in the Department of Optics and Associated Techniques (DOTA). He received his PhD degree in 2006 and does researches in the field of light scattering and laser imagery. His research interests cover advanced vision in low visibility thanks to 3D laser imaging techniques such as high resolution 3D-LiDAR and telemetric systems embedded on mobile vehicles (eg. drones or planes).

W.R. Davis Engineering Ltd., Canada

David Vaitekunas is principal engineer in IR software development at WR Davis Engineering Limited. Davis Engineering is a high technology defense company established in 1975 in Ottawa, Canada. Davis Engineering provides IR signature management products and services for ships and rotorcraft / fixed wing aircraft combining computer IR simulations with real-world IR measurements.


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