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ITBMS 2022 will include various sessions from Tuesday 7 to Friday 10 June 2022 corresponding to the topics defined on this page. A software training session from our sponsors (OKTAL-SE, THERMOANALYICS, DAVIS ENGINEERING) is also planned at the end of the event, on Friday, 10 June 2022. Keynote addresses will be delivered to set the underlying tone and summarize the core message. These speeches will be done by specialists from laboratories and international companies recognized for their expertise in the field.


Study of the atmospheric turbulence based on the observations at the P2OA

Fabienne LOHOU & Marie LOTHON, LAERO, Toulouse University, France

Turbulence profile with MATISSE and applications

Marie-Thérèse Velluet, ONERA, The French Aerospace Lab, France


New keynotes will be annonced...



Oral presentations: 20" + 5" Questions


Keynotes: 30" to 40" + 5" Questions