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Refund Policy
Written requests received by 1st March, 2022 will be honored. Refund requests postmarked after this date will be generated only if the event is cancelled.
This policy applies to the registration for ITBMS 2022 conference.
Please address your request to:
ITBMS - Service communication
BP 74025
31055 Toulouse Cedex 4
or by email to:

ITBMS 2022 Event Photography Statement

Attendance at, or participation in, this conference constitutes consent to the use and distribution by the ITBMS 2022 organizing committee of the attendee's image or voice for informational, publicity, promotional and/or reporting purposes in print or electronic communications media.
Video recording by participants and other attendees during any portion of the conference is not allowed without special prior written permission of the ITBMS 2022 organizing committee.

Photographs of copyrighted PowerPoint or other slides are for personal use only and are not to be reproduced or distributed. Do not photograph any such images that are labeled as confidential and/or proprietary.