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Telops is a leading supplier of high-performance infrared cameras and hyperspectral imaging systems for defence and security, environmental, petrochemical and industrial applications.

Telops was founded in 2000 and has its headquarter located in Quebec City, Canada. Strong from its long lasting expertise in the area of infrared measurement technologies and spectroscopy / radiometry applications, Telops is a major actor in the development of remote sensing instrumentation and relevant data processing capabilities. With more than 90 employees, local offices in France, USA and China, Telops is a major player with several hundreds of cameras sold worldwide.


The Telops products are tailored for the demanding requirements of R&D applications
such as infrared signature measurement,ranging, detection and identification of targets.
The product range includes

  • Hyperspectral IR Cameras
    • FTIR, High Resolution Spectroscopy
  • Multispectral IR Cameras
    • Fast Filter Wheel – 8 Positions
  • High Dynamic Range Cameras
    • Fast Attenuation Filtering
  • High Speed IR Cameras
    • From up to 100 000 FPS











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