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Keynote - Alain Le Goff

Keynote addresses will be delivered to set the underlying tone and summarize the core message. These speeches will be done by specialists from laboratories and international companies recognized for their expertise in the field.

Alain Le Goff
DGA Information superiority, France collaboration with Yvonick HURTAUD, Eric FLOCH, Philippe CORBIHAN and, Christelle JAU


DGA Information superiority decided in 2015 to join the CUBI adventure involving already eight other nations and launched a dedicated project to build its own CUBI object, study using this simple and cooperative target thermal and radiative phenomena during a long time cycle through experimentation and simulation, evaluate the accurateness of prediction tools, and publish in technical meetings. Since its presentation of the project and the preparation of the first experiment at ITBMS 2017 conference, DGA Information superiority performed the trials and captured the experimental parameters with a meteorological station, temperature probes, LWIR radiometers, and LWIR and MWIR cameras. Then DGA Information superiority started to simulate the complete experiment using Modtran, Matisse, SE-Workbench-EO and TAITherm to model atmosphere and objects, predict temperatures and render IR images, and decided for its initial simulation to fill input data with experimental parameters (and thermal properties of CUBI walls from the ITBMS’ CUBI forum) and default values otherwise, and not to optimize unknown parameters (e.g. cloudy situation parameters along time).

DGA Information superiority will describe the trials, detail the collected measurements and present the initial simulation of the experiment with no optimization of unknown parameters.


Following its first experiment with the French CUBI object in June 2017 and its initial simulation of this experiment using Modtran/Matisse, SE-Workbench-EO and TAITherm with no optimization of unknown parameters, DGA Information superiority requested for the support of ONERA, OKTAL Synthetic Environment and Thermo Analytics Incorporated to better analyze and understand the captured experimental parameters, then better profit by software to model atmosphere and objects, predict temperatures and render IR images, while optimizing progressively unknown or badly known parameters for each step of the modeling process.

DGA Information superiority will describe the optimization work, detail the results obtained from the optimized simulation, underline improvements from initial simulation and comment the accurateness of prediction tools.

After obtaining his engineer degree from the ENSTB high school in France, Alain Le Goff joined the technical centre “DGA Information superiority” in 1991 to manage hardware-in-the-loop facilities in infrared and millimeter spectra. He became evaluator of millimeter wave weapon systems. Since 1998, he is responsible for mastering optical signatures of targets in their environment through modeling and simulation activities, and leads for DGA the development of a multi spectral environment modeling workshop called SE-Workbench. He is yet one of the few referring technical experts in optronics at DGA.



Matthew J. Berg, Department of Physics, Kansas State University, USA


SCATTERING THEORY: A short review of theoretical features for practical appl
Olivier Pujol, Laboratory of atmospheric optics (LOA), Lille University, France