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Keynote - Olivier Pujol

Keynote addresses will be delivered to set the underlying tone and summarize the core message. These speeches will be done by specialists from laboratories and international companies recognized for their expertise in the field.

A short review of theoretical features for practical applications

Olivier Pujol
Laboratory of atmospheric optics (LOA), Lille University, France

This review is devoted to recall the most general and important theoretical features of non relativistic wave scattering and to illustrate how they can be used for practical remote sensing. In particular, the consequences of the general principle of energy conservation and causality will be analyzed.

Olivier Pujol is a PhD researcher in Physics at the Lille University (laboratoire d'optique atmosphérique). His field of investigations covers a large domain, from the Physics of water vapor, clouds, and precipitation to wave scattering by complex media. After a PhD thesis at the University of Toulouse in 2006 on radar remote sensing of precipitating systems, he worked and collaborated four years with Thalès Airborne System enterprise where he developed six patented algorithms for radar airborne detection of hazardous precipitating system for civil aviation. He joined the University of Lille in 2007 where he is currently working on water vapor, cloud/aerosol interactions and light scattering by complex atmospheric particles and clouds. Olivier Pujol has also high-level teaching activities in Physics, in particular in the international Master 2 « Atmospheric Environment ». He has also supervised various Master degree internships and PhD thesis, and is co-author of several textbooks in Physics.



Matthew J. Berg, Department of Physics, Kansas State University, USA


Alain Le Goff, DGA Information superiority, France